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Hey! I'm Jasmine. An Atlanta born, karaoke loving, adventurer who loves empowering people (especially women) to pursue and fulfill their wildest dreams.

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Owning my own business has always been a goal of mine. Even in between my dreams of being an anesthesiologist and throughout my career as a marketing and advertising executive. My love for design spans across branding, web design and interior design, and while I knew owning a business was a goal, never once did I consider how difficult it would be to be PROFITABLE. By applying what I've learned throughout my career working at companies like Turner, NBC, Pandora, and Coca-Cola I've found my passion in helping entrepreneurs be intentional about building, growing, and maintaining profitable businesses that generate consistent income.

Everyone celebrates entrepreneurship, but very few talk about what the road to success truly looks like. It's not always pretty and those Instagram pics that you see flooding your feed, aren't telling the full story. Truth be told, anyone can own a business. It's honestly as simple as filing papers. But running a successful business is hard work. 

Most of us start our business out of something we're passionate about, but passion doesn't magically turn into profit. 


After operating 2 side hustles for 3 years, I took the leap of faith and left my corporate job in July 2017. I was passionate about helping other young creatives visually brand their businesses to attract the clients they wanted.

While that helped to attract the clients they wanted, it didn't necessarily translate to their businesses being profitable. Truth is, visual branding is only one piece of the puzzle. To consistently and intentionally be profitable, you need a well-thought out strategy that aligns to your goals. Now I empower creatives and entrepreneurs by educating them on how to build the a profitable dream business.


Annisa Limara

brand strategy+ creative direction

"I was blown away by your whole approach, fantastic client communication and after care! Jasmine, you are the best thing that could ever happen during the relaunch of my brand and blog!"

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